FREE Screening Tool against OFAC SDN and UN 1267 Watch-lists

Take the first step towards regulator recommended KYC compliance - Screen customers against OFAC SDN & UN 1267 sanction and watch-lists.

Access to this KYCsphere Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool on Microsoft® Azure Cloud would allow your institution to:

  • Screen each of your customers, suppliers, vendors, partners, employees against OFAC SDN & UN 1267 watch-lists.
  • Do the screening against the latest of the constantly updating watch-lists.
  • Screen individuals & entities separately.
  • See results including matches found with names, addresses, locations, nationalities, place of birth, date of birth etc.
  • Generate a printable report that would stand regulatory scrutiny during inspections.
  • Protect your institution from money launderers, fraudsters, criminals and terrorists dealings.
Global Watch-lists Screening

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