KYCsphere Commissioning

When you have subscribed either a couple of tools of KYCsphere or the entire toolkit, it would take a maximum of about a week's time to commission the application. It would involve our team configuring an administrative access to your organization's area of work, so that you could start adding users and assigning operational, risk & compliance roles to them.

In case of tools such as Fraud and Money Laundering Monitoring, that require communicating with your on-premise applications or where you have specialized compliance requirements, it may require more time for KYCsphere Software-as-a-Service commissioning. In such a case, our technical team will work with your compliance and IT personnel to implement applications' integration; establish work-flow; carry out users training and acceptance testing. As soon as your organization's work area goes live within the KYCsphere, we would assist you in conducting a complete KYC screening of your entire customer database, for the first time. This would then be followed by a post-production quality review by our support team, to ensure a seamless transition of your newly commissioned KYCsphere work area and ongoing training & support assistance.

KYCsphere Training

Prior to user acceptance testing, a comprehensive training is provided to the users under different plans through web-conferencing tools. Each of these training sessions is undertaken for a batch of 4-6 users, which involves numerous hands-on exercises on KYCsphere. On conclusion of the training, users are assessed for concepts learnt and proficiency of usage of KYCsphere.

KYCsphere Support

Our dedicated support team responds to training & support requests through web, email, chats and phone. These requests could plainly be either a user wanting to learn more about application feature/functionality or in a rare case a technical issue that requires urgent resolution. All these requests are responded to in a time bound manner under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs). New releases and upgrades of KYCsphere are introduced to users through special web conferencing sessions, so that users are able to derive the maximum benefit from the available functionalities, while being efficient & effective on regulatory compliance matters.

If you would like to know more about our KYCsphere Software-as-a-Service commissioning, training & support plans and associated SLAs, please enter your name along with email & press the button on the right.

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